Helping authentic brands come to life

We're a creative and quirky team of owners, strategists, and practitioners who share a passion for helping human-centred businesses create authentic brands and meaningful impact.

Our work focuses on the collaborative and careful design of identities, offerings, and experiences. We are currently invested in companies in health and wellness services, leadership and the workplace consulting and coaching, and alternative energies.

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Working with human-centred leaders and companies

Our work with and investment in human-centred businesses and teams is about designing and bringing to life meaningful experiences, offerings, and outcomes that enrich the lives of people within our communities.

We believe real growth and impact happens when leaders and their teams find the courage to embrace their identities, design with empathy, and continuously challenge themselves to create (experiment), learn, and adapt.

Pablo facilitating a service design session for a future centre for caregivers

Making a meaningful first (or next) impression

Whether your business is making it's first introduction or it's next introduction to the market, we're here to support you in visiting its identity (core values, purpose, and vision), imagining ways for you to express your identity and story, and ultimately helping you design your brand and offerings (e.g. business model, marketing plan, brand identity guide, and website).

We're excited to help you think and create through the exciting challenges/opportunities ahead!

What working with us might look like

Exploration + Alignment

Exploration + Alignment

Curiousity can be a powerful tool for unearthing and exploring intent and impact (at both the individual and business levels), and it's a skill set we're continuously developing to ensure that we're asking our clients the right questions, while framing constraints or opportunities, and making informed decisions.

Our team uses a range of tools and activities, depending on your scope and requirements, to help us practice our curiousity (e.g. focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, etc.). The objective of this work is to gain and capture a shared understanding of your business' current and desired future states, because that's the meaningful change we're after.

Putting humans at the centre of what we will be designing ensures that we're designing something meaningful.

Strategy + Design

Strategy + Design

Having collected all of the 'dots' (e.g. requirements and needs), we can now start to connect the dots through the creation of a strategic roadmap to capture our agreed-to initiatives, priorities, decisions, and desired outcomes.

The objective of the strategy and design phase of our work is to develop a shared understanding of vision (the direction we're all rowing towards), strategy (the choices we're going to make), and impact (how we're going to make people feel). It's also an opportunity for us to start to see that vision come to life through initial visual concepts (e.g. story boards, mock-ups, prototypes, etc.).

Implementation + Growth

Implementation + Growth

At this stage, we're preparing to launch - taking our initial designs and moving into developing or implementing them. Whether that includes your new brand identity (logo, colours, fonts, imagery, etc.), platforms (website, social, email), and/or offerings (products + services), the objective is to make a meaningful first impression.

With performance and success measures in place, and a process for monitoring progress, we can also help you and your team to create your rhythms or cadence for reviewing, discussing, and making decisions about your brand and impact.

Following a debrief session to reflect on our shared experience, provide feedback, and make any changes, we can discuss what continuing to work together might look like (e.g. support services, the next initiative, etc.).

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Pablo is a passionate leader who always manages to maintain an open heart and mind. He has a unique and impressive ability to help people and teams through difficult journeys in ways that helps people live their best lives. I’ve loved collaborating with Pablo over the years and I look forward to more in the future!

Steven Fitzgerald

Steven Fitzgerald

President, Habanero Consulting Group

Working with Pablo and Brandnu is all about energy! He understood our complexity quickly and helped us develop a clearer vision and strategic plan. His enthusiasm is contagious! His ideas and provided support strengthens our ability to do the work we do in community better. He is a man of compassion and a huge compliment to our team.

Janica Fisher

Janica Fisher

Founder, Humanity in Practice

The magic that Pablo has brought to J5 is grounded in his authentic desire to know and understand us as both an organization and individuals. It feels to us like he is with us on this journey, we trust that he has concern and love for what we are building. His work with us on our Just Cause has helped solidify the direction of our growth in a way that adds to both our confidence and courage to transform the world around us towards a kinder, more beautiful future.

Kevin Drinkwater

Kevin Drinkwater

Managing Director, J5 Design and Innovation