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Laura from Kaleidoscope Wellness looking out from a pier in SE Asia

Living healthier + more purposeful lives

For Brandnu, health and wellness are at the core of living meaningful and fulfilling lives. Having first-hand experienced traumatic and life-changing events, both as patients and caregivers, we've learned and experimented quite a bit when it comes to our 'operating systems' (brains, minds, bodies, spirits...).

Knowing what we know now about the impact of nutrition, sleep, exercise, healthy rituals (mental, physical, spiritual) and relationships, and so much more on our quality of life, we felt compelled to create something new in this space.

While recent events have led us to assess and rethink our plans for launching our first wellness space in Cochrane Alberta, we're excited about (re)framing how we might be able to create a different value and offering. We're hoping to announce a new adventure and partnership in 2023, so that's what we'll be working diligently on.

Introducing Kaleidoscope Wellness

We're over the moon to share that Laura Romero - Founder and Registered Counselling Psychologist at Kaleidoscope Wellness - launched her practice in November 2020 to help people find their purpose and power. Laura works with her clients to tap into their natural strengths and abilities, and assists them in developing new strategies, so that they’re better equipped to deal with whatever challenges may come their way.

If you have any questions for Laura or are curious about counselling or therapy, make sure to reach out to her via her website: